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Strong Criminal Defense Against Intoxication Charges

When facing intoxication charges, it is best not to handle your legal defense on your own or with an inexperienced attorney. There are too many harsh penalties and consequences – too much at stake – for you to risk it. Make sure you work with an experienced lawyer you can trust to provide a strong, successful criminal defense on your behalf.

Attorney Ray Napolitan of The Law Office of Ray Napolitan can help you. The Fort Worth law firm handles any criminal charges in Texas. With nearly a decade of criminal law experience, Ray focuses exclusively on providing criminal defense representation to clients throughout Texas. He has been selected for inclusion in the Texas Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars list since 2019, an accolade that is awarded to less than 2.5% of Texas’ criminal defense lawyers who are under the age of 40 or have been practicing law for less than 10 years. With this focus and experience, clients of the firm can trust in Ray’s ability to minimize the harsh consequences and get the best possible results for intoxication charges.

Handling All Types Of Criminal Cases Involving Intoxication

The firm provides strong defense against intoxication charges, including:

  • Misdemeanor and felony driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  • Boating while intoxicated (BWI)
  • Intoxication assault
  • Intoxication manslaughter
  • Public intoxication

These are some of the most common charges involving intoxication. If you are facing any type of criminal charge involving intoxication from alcohol or drugs, talk with Ray. He can help you determine the best strategy for defense against these charges.

Retaining Your Driving Privileges

A critical aspect of intoxication claims, especially DWI, involves retaining your driving privileges. Ray knows how to help you through the administrative license revocation (ALR) hearings and the entire process. He can help you obtain an occupational driver’s license and make sure you are able to continue driving.

There is a very short time limit after a DWI arrest within which you must file paperwork to retain your driver’s license. If you fail to meet the deadline, you could lose your driving privileges for a long time. Talk with an attorney right away.

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