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Your Criminal Defense Trial Might Not Be The Last Word

Although the arrest and the courtroom trial are the most commonly dramatized part of the criminal justice system, there is a lot more to it than that. In fact, a lot can happen outside the courtroom after the trial has concluded. This is the type of legal work that is typically not shown on TV – the kind of legal work that requires experience and dedication.

Attorney Ray Napolitan in Fort Worth has nearly a decade of experience handling every aspect of his clients’ cases. This means bolstering clients’ cases even before clients are under arrest and fighting to reverse negative decisions or at least minimize the damage after verdicts have been rendered. Handling all types of criminal cases in Texas, Ray will fight to get you the ultimate outcome you need, even after the trial has concluded.

What Happens After The Trial?

After your trial has concluded, Ray helps clients with the following:

  • Appeals: Most people don’t realize that the appeals process is a separate, distinct process from the trial, but it requires particular knowledge and experience. The procedures and the entire approach are different from trial practice. With an appeal, you could get your case reversed or minimize the charges against you.
  • Probation revocation: When people on probation are charged with violations of their probation regulations, it is important to mount a strong defense. Having your probation revoked is a tragic outcome. Ray will fight aggressively on your behalf.
  • Expungements and nondisclosures: Depending on the type of charges and the particulars of your case, you may qualify for the sealing of your criminal records or getting your past record expunged. Record sealing or an expungement could help set you up for a better future.

If you have been convicted of a crime in Texas, your case might not be over. Talk with Ray as soon as possible to find out what else can be done to help you.

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